The Sun Has Set on Another Oregon Star Party


Many thanks to everyone - committee members, volunteers and attendees - who helped make Oregon Star Party 2015 a success. Everyone’s contributions helped make the star party fun, safe and memorable.

There were many highlights, including:

  • A variety of weather conditions for viewing. Happily, we had mostly clear skies throughout the entire event. This year, there were large nearby wildfires, with smoke and hazy conditions.
  • The Perseid and Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers were simply spectacular.
  • The grand finale of the week included a beautiful display of the northern lights.
  • There were approximately 660 attendees this year.
  • Many thanks to all the 50+ volunteers whose hard work during the star party allowed everything to run smoothly. New for the volunteers this year who worked a minimum of one, 2-hour shift was an OSP Volunteer shirt.
  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds, our food service provider, received many compliments for their meals and good customer service. As always, Shawna’s Espresso Blast was a welcome sight, especially her smoothies!
  • The speakers were popular and well received.
  • Each evening’s Night Telescope Walkabout was completely full and well received. During Mel Bartel’s afternoon Telescope Walkabout, people saw some amazing telescope designs.
  • Dave Powell’s nightly star talk was well-received yet again this year.
  • A special thank you to the vendors and donors; they are certainly an integral part of the star party and they’re much appreciated.
  • We saw old friends and developed new friendships.

Cheers! Jim Todd & Tony Hill, OSP co-directors

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