Sad, But Important News

On Sunday, August 16th, a Vixen VSD 100mm f/3.8 Astrograph telescope was reported missing from the Vixen Optics/Mr. Star Guy vendor booth at Oregon Star Party. The link below shows an image of the telescope, which was taken from its glass display case. The telescope's carrying case was also stolen. The items were stolen sometime between 3 am and 6 am Sunday morning. Sean League, VP of Specialty Sales for Vixen Optics, also known as Mr. Star Guy, filed a report with the Prineville Sheriff. The OSP Co-Directors, Jim Todd and Tony Hill, also provided the sheriff with photographs and information.

This is the first time in Oregon Star Party history that there has been such a large theft. It was clear that the suspect knew exactly what to take from the booth.

We ask the the astronomical community to check various social media sites and online marketplaces for this particular Vixen VSD 100mm f/3.8 Astrograph telescope. Only five of these telescopes have been sold.

If you have any information regarding the telescope and its carrying case, please contact the OSP Directors from the Contact Us page.

Vixen VSD 100mm

The Sun Has Set on Another Oregon Star Party


Many thanks to everyone - committee members, volunteers and attendees - who helped make Oregon Star Party 2015 a success. Everyone’s contributions helped make the star party fun, safe and memorable.

There were many highlights, including:

  • A variety of weather conditions for viewing. Happily, we had mostly clear skies throughout the entire event. This year, there were large nearby wildfires, with smoke and hazy conditions.
  • The Perseid and Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers were simply spectacular.
  • The grand finale of the week included a beautiful display of the northern lights.
  • There were approximately 660 attendees this year.
  • Many thanks to all the 50+ volunteers whose hard work during the star party allowed everything to run smoothly. New for the volunteers this year who worked a minimum of one, 2-hour shift was an OSP Volunteer shirt.
  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds, our food service provider, received many compliments for their meals and good customer service. As always, Shawna’s Espresso Blast was a welcome sight, especially her smoothies!
  • The speakers were popular and well received.
  • Each evening’s Night Telescope Walkabout was completely full and well received. During Mel Bartel’s afternoon Telescope Walkabout, people saw some amazing telescope designs.
  • Dave Powell’s nightly star talk was well-received yet again this year.
  • A special thank you to the vendors and donors; they are certainly an integral part of the star party and they’re much appreciated.
  • We saw old friends and developed new friendships.

Cheers! Jim Todd & Tony Hill, OSP co-directors

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